Social Responsibility


  • We've been operating for decades and we learnt so much from our staff members that contributed to our corporate culture over many years.
  • We're investors in people who built the ultimate people-centric, most inspiring and most innovative organization.
  • We maintain one of the best people retention policies that takes performance to happiness.


  • Recognized as the organization that walks the talk and the one that redefined Class A Information Technology Services in the region.
  • Recognized as the most trusted & reliable partner to our customer's throughout their digital journey helping them conceive value.
  • We built an elastic delivery net of partners, suppliers and sub-contractors with unique supplier performance management & evaluation.


Environmental Performance

  • We've been pioneers in adopting & promoting advanced technologies that help reduce carbon footprint such as Cloud Computing and Field Mobility.
  • Continuously communicating environmental performance goals and impacts within our echo business environment.
  • We're committed to building a safer future and to continuously enhance our practices to achieve that.